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How it works

What is an API?

The short answer, is that an API is form of data communication.

Your website basically ask us for information which we return in a standadized format that you can use as you wish.

For example you might want results for a search on “ipod”

We return the data in a special format, the same information as you see on our website stripped from HTML and other styling, so you can add your own.


We realize that not everyone has access to a developer.

To acommadate that, we have developed a plugin for Wordpress.

If you have a blog and register with us you can install our plugin and start earning straight away.


We keep you in the loop.

We know that for you to optimize in the best way possible you need to know what is happening

We have a reporting interface where you are on a daily basis updated on how you are doing


We are active in 4 markets currently.

As partner you can gain access to our api in, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

We are working hard on expanding our service to more markets in the near future.